How to Build a Hunting Arrow

How to Build a Hunting Arrow

Have you been searching for the perfect hunting arrow? One that’s perfectly matched to your bow, is the right length, has the fletchings you like and flies flawlessly?

Why not build your own?

We put together a four-part video series that walks you through the process of building an arrow, from picking the right shaft, to determining the proper length, to cutting it down and installing components to deciding how to fletch it and ultimately installing the fletchings.

Part One covers figuring out the right spine for your bow, deciding on the appropriate shaft weight and then figuring out how short to cut it down.

In Part Two, we review how to properly cut the shaft, and then demonstrate prepping it for installing components, before we actually install those inserts and nocks.

Part three covers arrow indexing. This involves shooting a bare shaft into a target to figure out which way arrows want to spin as they leave your bow, before fletchings are installed. This information is key in determining how to install fletchings to promote that natural spin.

Part Four, which is the last in the series, covers fletching selection, fletching jigs and a demonstration of installing wraps and fletchings on an arrow shaft.

Originally from Lancaster Archery Blog.

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