New Victory Youth Trophy Tournament added to 2018 Lancaster Archery Classic

New Victory Youth Trophy Tournament added to 2018 Lancaster Archery Classic

Lancaster Archery Supply is committed to helping as many archers as possible experience the East Coast’s premiere archery tournament – the Lancaster Archery Classic.

New for the 2018 version of the Classic at Spooky Nook Sports Complex in Manheim, Pa., is the addition of the Youth Trophy Tournament. This special competition for young archers under the age of 21 affords the opportunity to rub elbows with the pros, and to shoot in the Classic venue at a fraction of the normal cost, and a fraction of the normal time commitment.


Here’s how the event will work. All Youth Trophy Tournament entrants will shoot on Saturday, Jan. 27, at 1 p.m. They will be separated into four age divisions for competition – Bowman, age 12 and under; Cub, age 13 and 14; Cadet, age 15-17; and Junior, age 18-20. Archers should register in the appropriate division based on their ages as of Jan. 26, 2018. They also will be separated according to gender, and by their shooting equipment – compound, recurve or barebow. So this tournament alone features 12 divisions each for young male and female archers.


Like the rest of the Classic archers, all Youth Trophy Tournament competitors will shoot 60 arrows from a distance of 18 meters at a 40 cm target face, with X’s scored as 11s. Differing from the rest of the Classic, however, is the fact that there are no elimination matches or shoot-ups in the youth event. Trophies will be awarded based on the 60-arrow scores alone. The top finisher in each division will receive a trophy, and the top three each will receive deluxe medallions.



So rather than pay $150 and potentially tie up two or more days, Youth Trophy Tournament archers can pay $75 for one day of competition, shooting side by side with other young archers. The Classic atmosphere will still be all around, as shoot-up matches for the Classic tournament take place adjacent to the Youth Trophy Tournament. And there will be plenty of pros around to take photos with and sign autographs. But this new tournament will give young archers the chance to test the Classic experience without having to invest the time, money and mental fortitude that the Classic requires.


Once the youth event is completed, archers can walk over to the Classic finals shoot-up area and watch other young archers shoot their final head-to-head matches in the Youth Female Open, Youth Female Recurve and Youth Male Recurve divisions.

Originally from Lancaster Archery Blog.

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