Your Guide to NASP Archery Equipment

Your Guide to NASP Archery Equipment

The National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP) employs a very specific, limited set of equipment. There’s one bow and one arrow that every NASP archer uses, and a short list of other NASP-approved gear.


By standardizing the allowed equipment, NASP is able to make archery affordable for just about anyone, and the competition field is leveled.

Lancaster Archery Supply Technical Writer P.J. Reilly interviews NASP Arizona coordinator Kelsey Gerchar in this video as she runs through all of the NASP-approved gear.

Gerchar discusses why the Genesis bow is a good fit for the program and why the Easton Genesis arrow is the official arrow of NASP. She also explains the purpose of the other gear schools use as they run their individual NASP programs.

That gear list includes targets, a backstop curtain, tool kit and bow rack.

If you’d like more information on how NASP works and why it’s a great program, be sure to listen to our podcast with NASP general manager Tommy Floyd here.

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