2019 October Rotational Registration is Open

2019 October Rotational Registration is Open

October 26th and 27th at Rocky Mountain Archery in Ft. Collins will kick off this years Indoor Buckle Rotational Series!!  See below for scheduled shooting days and times.  CLICK HERE to register today!!

Saturday, October 26th
   7:00 am Check-in, 8:00 am Shooting
        Recurve Bowman (M/F)
        Barebow Bowman (M/F)
        Barebow Cub (M/F)
  11:00 am Check-in, 12:00 pm Shooting
        Recurve Cub  (M/F)
        Recurve Cadet  (M/F)
        Recurve Junior  (M/F)
   3:00 pm Check-in, 4:00 pm Shooting
       Compound Bowman (M)
       Compound Cub  (M)
       Compound Cadet  (M)
       Compound Junior  (M)
Sunday, October 27th
   8:00 am Check-in, 9:00 am Shooting
        Compound Bowman (F)
        Compound Cub  (F)
        Compound Cadet  (F)
        Compound Junior  (F)
   1:00 pm Check-in, 2:00 pm Shooting
        All Yeoman (M/F)
        Barebow Cadet (M/F)
        Barebow Junior (M/F)

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