Load Another Arrow Quickly?

Load Another Arrow Quickly?

We have all seen rank beginners shoot arrows (heck, we have all been rank beginners), be disappointed, then shoot another, then another, etc. making no changes in form or equipment. “Shootin’ and hopin’” is typical of beginners.

If you work with beginners at all, you will see this behavior. Your beginner fires off an arrow that could be instructive if they took the time to study it and figure out what changes in their approach are needed. But what do they actually do?

Quick as a bunny, they grab another arrow and shoot it. And another . . . and another. . . . Beginners want to shoot another arrow to see where it lands. Expert archers, on the other hand, know where it is going to land. Beginners seem to think that if they actually land an arrow or two in target center, then shot after shot will go their, too. They just need to figure it out and then they will be really good at this. And “figuring it out” means flinging arrows until they land where they are supposed to.

This “belief” of beginners is not at all rare. You will see it in other sports. Just blind repetition of what clearly isn’t working with no attempt whatsoever to figure out how to do it.

Fascinatingly, there are some seasoned archers who never grew out of this phase. So, my question to you is “What will you do if you identify one of your students as having this “syndrome?”

Originally from A Blog for Archery Coaches.

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